Welcome back lovelies, so if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I have been wiped out by a Viral Infection since Friday. I haven’t been this poorly in quite a while and it really did wipe me out and landed me in bed for pretty much a whole day. Before I was poorly Sweet bear was but we also got up to some exciting things so here is how our week was (I’m going to write up till Sunday so it doesn’t throw this week’s check-in out).

Monday, this is our new weekly food shopping day as I go on my own with Sweet bear after we have dropped Baby bear off at school and while Daddy bear is working. Once we were home and put the food shop away we had some lunch and I played with Sweet bear for a while before it was time to pick Baby bear up from school. It was our usual busy Monday evening routine, once the children were in bed I treated myself to a relaxing bubble bath before heading to bed myself as Sweet bear was still having rough nights due to being unwell.

Tuesday, I planned a playdate with some friends at our house so after dropping Baby bear off at school I run into town quickly to grab a new stairgate for the living room as the old one got broken. While I was out Daddy bear helped me clean the kitchen and living room round before my friends and their little ones arrived. We had a lovely day with K, E, S, and M watching the girls playing, and enjoying lunch together before we said our goodbyes to get our older children from school. I then spent the afternoon on the phone with the doctors again trying to get Sweet bear another round of antibiotics as she was no better. Baby bear also came out of school complaining of a sore throat and looking very pale and poorly so after talking to the doctors about him as well they agreed to give both children some antibiotics. Baby bear had scouts so off he went to enjoy his evening while I sorted Sweet bear and dinner before putting the children to bed and cuddling down to watch a movie with Daddy bear.

Wednesday, I had a very early morning call from the doctors asking to see the children in person before they give them antibiotics. It was later in the day so Daddy bear took Baby bear to school while I took some time for myself as Sweet bear was still asleep. Around 10.30 I loaded Sweet bear into the car and headed to pick Baby bear up from school to go to their doctor’s appointment. It didn’t go to plan at all the doctor we saw wasn’t the best and decided that actually even though Sweet bear was still showing signs of her chest infection and Baby bear signs of tonsilitis he wasn’t going to give either of them antibiotics and “we should let their bodies fight it off on their own”. As you can imagine I wasn’t happy and argued with no change so off we went to drop Baby bear back at school and head home to put Sweet bear down for her nap before picking Baby bear up from school again.

Thursday, I got the first delivery of 2 for some dressed I ordered for a wedding we are going to in August. I tried them on and to my disappointment, they both were a flop so back they went. It was swimming night and the first time I was taking both children on my own which was interesting, to say the least. As much as it was hard work to keep Sweet bear entertained baby bear got his 15 meters as well as his stage 5. He is doing so well at swimming and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Friday, we had an amazing day with 2 very special people to us M and R. We took them out for lunch at our local pub before enjoying an afternoon of catching up and spending time together. I have been struggling lately with my mental health so it was a lovely pick me up spending time with them. They stayed for dinner before heading home, it was a lovely day other than by the time they left I had started to feel rubbish and had developed a cough. So once they had gone I put the children to bed before heading to bed myself.

Saturday, I actually got a layin. I am usually the one who gets up with the children in the mornings but because Sweet bear has been having me up multiple times a night I actually got to sleep in. I woke up feeling even worse than when I went to bed, but once I was up Daddy bear headed outside to do some more of the carport build while I laid on the sofa watching the children. It was a pretty lazy day for me and the children which was nice it has been a while since we have had one of them.

Sunday, it was an early start as we were heading the spend the day with R and M again but at their church and house. This meant that Mia got to spend the day with K, E, and H going for a walk and then a playdate at their house for a few hours. It was also M’s birthday so we enjoyed a lovely dinner before spending a few more hours chatting before we headed home to get the children to bed before starting another week.