Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. We had a busy week that ended with V’s birthday celebrations. So here is how our week has been.

Monday, was a usual day for us, I worked late while the boys had their weekly nerf gunfight at home. In the evening, I spent some time in the garage with Daddy bear and A (on facetime) talking about and sorting some more bits for the wedding. We also booked to take Baby bear and L to go and see the Polar Express at the cinema in December.

Tuesday, was very quiet, and nothing really happened out of our usual routine.

However, Wednesday is when the craziness started. I had a staff meeting which meant that Daddy bear had to take Baby bear swimming on his own which was a little disappointing to miss. However, Daddy bear was with him so I still got to know how he got on.

Thursday, we had Baby Bear’s hearing test at the hospital which we have been waiting to have for a few months. This meant we had to take Baby bear out of school early which he thought was very cool but naughty. I am happy to say he passed the headphone test with flying colours and only failed a few of the out loud sounds. They said he has healthy eardrums but very skinny ear canals which could be why he is struggling to hear certain things and why we are seeing so much earwax as his ear can’t hold all the wax it is producing. So there’s nothing they can do we just have to be mindful.

Friday, a few things happened. After school, we had Baby bear’s parents evening for the start of year 1, he is doing well but still needs to work on his focus and concentration. We had a feeling she would say that but either way, we are very proud of him and how he’s doing. After we then started V’s birthday celebrations for the weekend by heading into Lincoln for dinner at The Taste. It was a nice night until Baby bear threw up on me halfway through dinner. We then headed back to our house to put the children to bed and enjoy a birthday drink with the birthday girl.

Saturday, I booked to take V to a spa day for her birthday in the morning/early afternoon. It was her first spa day which was fun to do with her while Daddy bear watched Baby bear and L. Once we had finished we headed back to mine to spend some time with the little ones and Daddy bear before we got ready to head out on the town for the night. After a few hours and a yummy dinner, us girls started to get ready for our night of fun. The night started off really good and we had a couple of drinks before heading to our local for a few more before heading into town. However, V took an unexpected turn for the worse which meant we headed home early to look after her. Either way, it was a good night and on a positive note, it was a cheap night out for us all.

Then we are on today, in which we have spent the day on the sofa not doing much while the children have been playing and Daddy bear doing his own thing. Resting before the last week of term at school. Hope you all had a good week and I will see you Wednesday.