Welcome back lovelies, long time no see I know. Life happened and it happened hard this week so I needed a few days to go through the motions of life. However, before life got mad I enjoyed V’s hen do in London.

Monday, with Baby bear back at school I spent the day unpacking and resetting the house from being away and having poorly children. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Baby Bear and start our evening routine of homework, dinner, bath and bed.

Tuesday, Sweet Bear and I finally made it to playgroup again and we even took V with us. We then decided to take an impromptu trip with V, M and A to a splash park in Skegness called Fairy Dell. We loved it there when Baby Bear was smaller so was excited to take Sweet Bear. It makes a great day out and it is free which is amazing. After we had finished playing in the water we took a wonder to the sea front for an ice cream and play in the sand before heading home to collect our older children. Baby Bear was at scouts again and this week parents where invited to join them. We had lots of fun gardening and helping the children get their gardening badge.

Wednesday, before lunch we met up with some new friends R with her little one K for a park playdate. It was lovely watching Sweet Bear play with another child her age while I got to talk to a mum who is in the same boat as me. After a while we headed home for some lunch and to put Sweet Bear down for her nap while I wrote a blog before going to collect Baby bear from school.

Thursday, I spent the day deep cleaning and making sure the house was spotless ready for Daddy bear to have his friends over for game night. This makes it sound like I only clean when people come over (it defiantly gives me motivation) however when the boys are here I cant exactly be cleaning around them while they are playing so I like to make sure it is all done before hand. I then spent the evening packing all our bags ready to head off after school on Friday before laying in bed to watch something I wanted.

Friday, Daddy bear joined us with Baby bears pop-in today which was nice and Baby Bear enjoyed him being there. We then headed home to get ready for another trip over to Fairy Dell with K, E, M and J. It was such a lovely day it seemed a waste to stay at home. We had the best morning splashing around before heading to get some chips before heading home. Before picking Baby bear up from school I loaded up the car and got everything ready to leave when Daddy bear was done with work. I drove half way before we stopped for some dinner and Daddy bear took over the other half of driving. Its the first time we have spilt the drive like that and it worked quiet well. Before we knew it we was back at my parents house for another weekend of fun.

Saturday, it was finally the day V’s hen do in London. Can we just take a moment, my bestie is getting married in like 8 weeks… WHAT. Anyway, we got ready before heading to the train station to head into London for the big day. First on the agenda after dropping our bags off at the hotel was HIJINGO, which may I say is amazing we highly recommend (I will do a full review on this in the coming weeks), we had such a laugh. Once we have finished there we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner stopping past a few pubs of course it would be rude not to. Once we were ready we then headed to TGI Fridays for a spot of dinner before I headed home and the rest of the group headed in to see Magic Mike which I hear they enjoyed (its not my thing and makes me very uncomfortable incase you were wondering why I didn’t go).

Sunday, was fathers day and Daddy Bears first with both children which is still crazy to think about. He had a lovely day, we saw both our dads before enjoying a steak dinner before heading home. It has been so warm we didn’t leave until 7.30pm so the temperature had dropped slightly and it wasn’t so hot travelling. Which meant we weren’t home till gone 11 pm but it was worth it for such a good weekend and memories made are worth more than anything.

This week has been a whirlwind so check back in at the end of the week to find out whats been going on.