Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. Ours started off pretty rubbish but this weekend defiantly made up for it. We finally met her, we met our newest niece L. She was born back in November but because of Covid-19 lockdown, this is the first time we have been able to meet her. Anyway here is how our week has gone.

So Baby bear woke up Monday morning with a slight cough, sore throat, and snotty nose. He had no temperature and it was a tickly throat cough so he went into school (I checked with the school, he was fine to go in they agreed his cough was a cold). I did explain to his teachers if he got worse I would go and pick him up but when I collected him at the end of school they said he hadn’t coughed all day so I just guessed it was either his asthma playing up or the start of a cold. When we got home I did a rapid test on him which come back negative so it defiantly put my mind at ease.

Tuesday, he had gotten worse so we kept him off school and booked him a Covid swob test. I still had work so Daddy bear worked from home and stayed with him. We couldn’t get a test till Wednesday morning, so we took him before I started work but he was seeming slightly better but defiantly showing signs of a flu/cold. Which was confirmed Thursday early hours by his results.

If you know Baby bear you will know he loves school and hates missing days so after crying Thursday morning because he didn’t feel well and his head was hurting him. I stopped getting him dressed and said he wasn’t going in. I then had even more tears because he wanted to go to school so I gave him the option. I explained he didn’t have to go to school if he felt really unwell but if he was sure he was okay he could go. Of course he chose to go to school so off he went. V and L then dropped me home from work as it was raining and L asked to come in and see Baby bear so we said yes. Baby bear and L haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks so they stayed for dinner, which gave me and V time to catch up while the little ones played and apparently covered each other in black dinosaur stamps.

Friday, was the day we have been looking forward to for months. The day we finally got to travel down to Essex, stay the weekend, and finally meet our newest princess L and have a very late Christmas with our family. The day couldn’t have gone any slower but it was finally time to go and we all were so excited.

As my mother-in-law had work Saturday, we were having a big family dinner there Sunday and we hadn’t met L yet we decided to go over to my sister-in-law’s and spend the day with B and have the whole day to ourselves with L. I must admit I didn’t want to share her and it was the first time meeting her and we wanted to be able to enjoy it just us. V and E also haven’t seen baby Bear in months so this gave them the chance to spend some one-on-one time with him to before having to share him with everyone else Sunday. I must admit I was slightly nervous meeting L as I can find it hard around Babies but it was so easy and she has defiantly stolen Auntys heart just like her sister. While we was there we also took the chance to ask the girls a very important question – Will you be our flower girl?. Once we had explained to B what this meant she was very excited and well L just liked the toys in her box haha.

I have missed my mother-in-law’s Lamb roast dinners so I was defiantly looking forward to Sunday. Oh and of course seeing everyone together and having our late Christmas, but the lamb was defiantly up there. I was a little worried about how Mia would do with L as she as never met a baby this little but Mia did amazing and was completely unfazed by her. We swopped the presents with everyone, we were very lucky and got very spoilt. After dinner B asked me to do her sticker book with her, then some colouring before doing some more stickers and playing her colour game which I loved. It’s the first time she has sat down with me for that long, she made me so proud playing her colour game matching them up no problem. We then had to leave which we hate every time but it was even worse this time. It defiantly wasn’t enough time but we had to make it home for work and school Monday and at least we got to see family and we met L.

I hope you all enjoyed your week, only one more to go before half term and a week off. I will see you all Wednesday for another blog.