Welcome back lovelies, we are married Saturday after a long wait, I’m officially a wife. A lot has happened since we spoke last so this is will be a slightly different weekly Check-in as it’s been a couple of weeks. It’s been a kind of whirlwind couple of weeks so we are looking forward to slowing down for the next few weeks.

Firstly I want to pay my respects to our queen who sadly passed away on the 8th September and was laid to rest with her Husband Prince Phillip yesterday the 19th September. I’m not a royalist but either way she served our country for a very long time and she was someones mother, grandmother, aunty, sister and role model.

Since we spoke last Baby bear has started back at school and is now a year 2! That is still crazy to say it only seems like he started school last year. He enjoyed his first week back and so far loves his new teacher and seems to have settled back into sharing very little about his day when he comes home.

I only got to do 3 days with him for his first week as we sadly lost an amazing Nana in August so it was time to say our last goodbyes so I headed down to London to say those while Daddy bear held down the fort with Baby bear for the end of the week. Baby bear also started back swimming and from what daddy bear said it could have gone better but we have had 6 weeks off so hopefully he will get back into the swing of things and we will have some better lessons moving forward.

We then all met up back in Bedford for the last weekend of wedding prep which was a lot of bench building for Daddy bear while I changed over the sign at Church and did a few little jobs that needed doing. On Sunday Baby bear and I said bye to Daddy bear so he could head home for his first week at his new job while we stayed in Bedford to do everything wedding related in the week run up to the wedding Saturday.

In the week’s run-up to getting married, we finished altering my dress, made the centerpieces, cried, made the order of services, decorated the church, sorted the evening buffet (Thanks to both sets of parents for helping with this), cried some more, put up marquees and decorated the garden, made flower arrangements, did gardening, a bit more crying and anything else I forgot. Needless to say, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our families and friends and we can’t be more thankful.

Then Friday night rolled around and I got to see Daddy bear for the first time in a week for our rehearsal which made all the stress disappear. We run through everything we needed to know for Saturday and sorted the last few bits before saying goodbye again for the boys to leave me and head to their hotel for the night. Leaving me and my girls at the house we did the last few jobs that needed doing before we headed off the bed to try and get some sleep.

Saturday was the big day the day we got married, I want to do a whole post about that so won’t go into anything but I will say it was amazing and nothing else mattered other than marrying my best friend. We do want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and shared our day with us, all our cards and gifts we truely appricate them.

Sunday was then Daddy bears birthday so we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel. Well as much as we could we our gurggling bellies from the wedding before heading back to the house to see everyone and head out of a birthday Carvey. It was then mission tidying up and reset for the house. Again thanks to our family it was made light work of and we were able to completly reset the garden back to normal and collect up the majority of the wedding things into one room ready to bring home.

We had the hotel booked again for another night so deicded to take all our cards and gifts we had recieved from the wedding there with us to open. We were blow away with what we recieved and after reading all our cards and guest book, Daddy bear run us a bath while I sorted out food. We had a lovely night just relaxing and enjoying being in our married bubble before returning to daily life.

And thats us all caught up, and ready to go back to our upload schedule of Sunday and Wednesday with an extra thrown in sometimes. Theres alot I want to share with you so stick around x