Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. We had a very productive week ending with us having some exciting visitors. I will warn you now and I know we are all sick of hearing this but I can’t share much from Thursday and Friday but I promise when I can I will share everything (I’ve been writing posts ready for when I can share everything). Anyway, let’s get on with how our week has been.

So on Monday, it was our usual routine of work and school, like each week I didn’t finish till late which meant the boys got to have their boy’s time. However, after work, we had to go to the doctor to drop off some paperwork and sort some bits out for us all. I was actually surprised how long it took as it sounded really simple but it was more than we planned so before heading home we run into Morrisons for a cheeky cafe dinner to save me having to cook. Not quite on the plan with the wedding diet but hey ho.

Tuesday the only thing that really happened was after work, I spent the evening blitzing the house ready for the end of the week and our visitors the weekend. The house wasn’t terrible just little things needed doing.

Wednesday was of course swimming day. Baby bears confidence is coming on so well these last few weeks and he is surprising us each week with how much he is learning and achieving. I will admit he has a little problem with floating like his Mumma, we both sink but never the less he is doing so well.

Thursday and Friday were defiantly mentally draining days but very insightful and thought-provoking indeed. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank V for stepping in yet again and helping with Baby bear while we were busy. We can’t thank you enough. Late Friday evening our visitors K and F arrived which was lovely. We haven’t got to see them lately as they have been traveling and busy while we have been in Essex so it was defiantly a long-awaited catch-up.

Saturday we took a trip over to Springfields Adventure Land (Because let’s be honest where else do we go when we have guests and?). We love it there and with there being things for us to do and a cheap day out to it’s a win and win. We then headed into Skegness to show F the seaside as he hadn’t been before, we took a ride on the riverboats, the go-karts before going out for dinner. After dinner, we headed home to have a few drinks and play some games. A few drinks quickly turned into drinking games and lots of laughers.

Sunday, we got up and went for a walk along the seafront, before heading home to relax and enjoy a Sunday roast before K and F headed home. Once they left, we cuddled up on the sofa for some family time and cuddles before heading to bed ready for another week.

So here’s to another week, hope it is a good one for you all x