Hey my lovely people, and welcome back to my weekly check-in. I feel like a lot has happened this week while nothing has happened at all (if that makes sense).

If you read my post Wednesday you will know Baby bear is at home currently so we have been juggling homeschooling while both myself and Daddy bear are still working (Daddy bear from home and me out of the house). I was at work all day Thursday so Daddy bear was completely alone in doing Baby bears homeschooling. They focused on Baby bears letter formation and from what I saw when I got home they did very well. I was able to be at home Friday so I was back to homeschooling with Baby bear and I have to say he did really well. It wasn’t as good of a day as Monday but I don’t think that is all down to him. I really didn’t feel myself last week so if I’m being honest I really didn’t want to do much other than curl up on the sofa.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would of seen we was waiting for my cycle to start after being over a week late. I had mentioned in last weeks weekly check in that I wasn’t feeling myself and had taken 6 pregnancy tests… well the grand total of pregnancy tests I have taken in total now is 13. Not a number I’m overly proud of but I couldn’t help myself (and neither could Daddy bear, he encouraged me to buy more once I had run out). I’ll give a proper update on everything that’s been going on Wednesday once I’ve spoken to our fertility clinic tomorrow. But I will say after stressing us out, scaring me quiet a lot and an emergency blood test my period decided to finally come. So hopefully we can put our next steps fertility wise into action. We shall find out tomorrow ready for me to update you all Wednesday.

We have also found out quite a few people we know family and friends has tested Positive for Covid-19 which is scary if I’m being honest. Most of these people who are struggling are also young, completely healthy people and Covid-19 has kicked them down. Touch wood they are handling it okay and are coping at home with their symptoms but I hate knowing there is nothing we can do to help or comfort them at the moment. 1. Because they are in Essex 3 hours away and 2. Even if we were local we can’t give them a hug or look after them. I really wish people would just take it seriously and follow the rules. Its scary anyway but having a family member really poorly from Covid and seeing them struggle to breath, walk to the toilet, eat, stay awake from long periods of time is horrible. So please wear your masks, follow the rules and just think about others. I know its horrible not seeing any of your friends and family and we are all over it (believe me I’m included in that) but I’m begging follow the rules and hopefully we will be back to some form of normal soon.

That took a bit of a turn at the end but that’s my weekly check in. As I said nothing much happened but a lot did at the same time. Needless to say I’m mentally exhausted and if I’m being honest not really looking forward to the week to come. Hopefully tomorrow can change that for me, here’s to hoping. I hope you all had a good week and continue to have a good week next week.