Welcome back lovelies, I still can’t believe Daddy Bear brought me tickets to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium. It’s been on my bucket list since I can remember so to finally be able to go was just amazing. Heres how this amazing week went.

Monday, was my work late day so once Daddy bear picked up Baby bear from school they headed to the park while they waited for me. When I finished work we then headed to grab some bits at shopping before heading home for some dinner. It was defiantly a manic night but the week was pretty busy so we didn’t have much choice. With less than 80 days till the wedding, I also spent some time doing some more wedding bits and ordered some bits for me and my girls for our weekend away.

Tuesday, I picked up baby bear from school and headed home to build some Lego that Baby bear got for his birthday together. He loves building his sets with me and it has become our thing which I love. He got the camper van set from us and I must say it’s really cool so for any Lego fans this is definitely worth the buy. I started to get a banging headache so decided to lay in a bath with some essential oils to try and help it before getting some sleep.

Wednesday, this was our last night with Baby bear before he went for a sleepover with V and L while we went to see Ed Sheeran. So we decided to have a dinner treat and head to Mcdonald’s. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen Baby bears fashion choice it was defiantly a look that’s for sure. Once we were home we packed our bags and played with Baby bear a little before it was bedtime. I had the worse night’s sleep and I have no idea why.

Thursday, we got up and ready before dropping Baby bear off at school before heading home to load our bag into the car and make our way to Essex to drop Mia at my parents before catching the train to the hotel before the concert. It was a busy day of traveling but we made it to Wembley with plenty of time so it was all worth it. We were going to see Ed Sheeran nothing else mattered. It was an amazing concert from start to finish with 2 amazing supporting acts Dylan and Maisie Peters. We have booked to go and see Dylan in the new year she was that good. We ended up getting back to the hotel at gone midnight so needless to say we were knackered but it was worth it. A quick check on train times to get home and off to bed we went.

Friday, was another day of trains. We got up and grabbed something to eat before packing up and making our way back to my parents. It was gone 2 pm by the time we got back so decided to pop to Daddy Bear’s parents’ house to help them with an issue before going to do some more wedding shopping. We have most of it but still needed to sort centerpieces out and a few more bits of decor so off The Range we head. We then decided to go back to my parents for the night and spend some time with them. I didn’t sleep well again so I’m really not sure what’s going on but I’m knackered.

Saturday, my mum had an appointment to go and try on some mother-of-the-bride dresses and she invited us along so after a quick trip to see my in-laws again and then Ikea for the last few bits we needed for the centerpieces, we headed to the shop. Mum tried on some beautiful dresses and looked amazing in them. It was then time to load up the car and head home to pick Baby bear up. As lovely as it was having some time alone with Daddy bear we missed him like crazy and couldn’t wait to show him the video we got of Ed Sheeran performing his favorite song. Daddy bear decided the boys were going to stay up and look at the stars with Baby bears new telescope he got for his birthday so I left them to it and headed to bed.

Sunday, after such a late night Baby bear, didn’t get up till nearly 10 am which meant I was able to get some well-needed sleep. If I’m being honest we haven’t done much today and don’t plan on doing much for the rest of the day. I am planning on spending some time on my Cricut tonight but other than that and some housework we are relaxing and spending a lazy day watching tv and playing games as a family before back for another busy week at work before another amazing weekend next week.

How was your week? Did any of you get to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley this weekend? Hope you all have had a brilliant week and here’s to another x