Welcome back lovelies, we have had a good week that included making our wedding signs enjoying my last hen do before the wedding and a trip to the Space museum. We are getting so close to the wedding now it’s all hands on deck to get everything finished in time. Anyway, here is how our week has been.

Monday, we took a trip to the National Space Centre with M. It was an eventful day to say the least we are having some behavior issues which are making days out a little tricky at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s something I want to talk about indept but I do want to share that even though I don’t post about the hard times we do have them and I can struggle with parenting. However, once we were home and we had cuddles and a chat we had a nice evening together with Daddy bear before having an early night.

Tuesday, Daddy bear had an exciting meeting so we spent the day at home painting, coloring, and having some mummy Baby bear time. I am loving the simpler days at home at the moment partly because it’s easier behavior wise but also I love taking in every moment of Baby bear that I can while it is me and him. Once Daddy bear had finished work we decided to take a trip to Huttoft beach with some fish and chips for dinner and a play at the beach. Once we were home I spent the rest of the evening in the office doing some work on the blog before starting to cut the vinyl for the wedding signs.

Wednesday, after Daddy bear had finished work he took Baby bear on a boy’s bike ride while I got some more wedding bits that needed doing done. While on their bike ride we got a very exciting phone call so we decided to head out for dinner to celebrate. On our way home we stopped past V&L for a catch-up. Once home we spent the evening relaxing.

Thursday, we had a bit of a tough day with Baby bear so we stayed home and worked through it with him. Daddy bear then decided to have a move around in the office now I am working from home so we spent some time in there working out spacing. After dinner, Daddy bear went out for his weekly game night and I decided to start making the wedding sign. I shared the first one over on my Instagram feed I have now also completed both the welcome sign for the church and the menu board. I must say they are looking good and once we have added the flowers and greenery they will look amazing.

Friday, I took baby bear to go on a Dinosaur hunt with M, E, and A. It was however short-lived as Daddy bear was taking Baby bear to Essex for the weekend while I stayed home. Once the boys had left I took the opportunity to bleach the bathroom and tidy the house so I could enjoy a tidy house for a few days before the boys came home. I then cooked myself some dinner before starting to make another wedding sign before heading to bed with Mia to watch a movie before getting some sleep.

Saturday, I finished off the wedding sign before heading to my friend’s baby shower for a few hours before going to run an errand. Once I was home the loneliness started to kick in and once I heard a loud noise outside I was over it I couldn’t wait for the boys to be home. After seeing a friend for a few hours I headed back to the empty house to try and get some sleep.

Sunday, I know is my usual day for uploading however I had my last Hen Do with my friends so was unable to upload sorry. We had the best day starting with an afternoon tea with cocktails before a pub crawl. It was amazing and such a laugh. I can’t thank my girls enough for all they did and the day they gave me. Here is to another amazing week of the summer holidays.