Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. How has your week been? I hope it was easier and quieter than our busy week. If you saw my post-Thursday you will know we had to take Mia to the vet, we also had a call with our social worker, I went back to work after the holidays and Baby bear was back at school on top of finally plastering the hallway/stairs, having a girls night out and well just life.

Starting at the beginning of the week. I had Monday off which was lovely to have the day off while Baby bear was at school. I love doing the school run with Baby bear, it helps me feel more connected to his school life. However, I also enjoyed having the house to myself and the time to clean the house without a little person going behind me making a mess again.

Tuesday is a late working day for me and I don’t come home until closer to 5pm. So Daddy bear does pick up and starts dinner (if it is a longer cook time) but I walked in to Baby bear eating snacks and no dinner on… Daddy bear surprised me to a date night. He told me to go upstairs and take half hour to myself but doing my nails, which I had wanted to do for 3 days prior and hadn’t had the time. Put something nice on and make myself feel good ready for dinner at just after 7. He ordered us a Indian takeaway and we got to enjoy on of our favourite meals, talk about life, everything and anything before cuddling down in bed to watch one of our shows before bed.

Wednesday was a big day and left us feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information given to us on a phone call with our social worker for our adoption journey. I’m not sure when I will share all of the information if I’m being honest. But this is why my Wednesday post was a day later as I needed the night off to just process everything.

We then had our trip to the vet with Mia Thursday after work which I posted all about so head over there to read all about it. Nothing really happened Friday but it was a good day at work so…

We finally got round to plastering the hallway and start the stairs yesterday which looks amazing. I also want to note that it was the royal we, Daddy bear plastered the walls while I sat talking to him and watching TikTok if I’m being honest. However, I and Baby bear did plant our new seeds in the planters ready for this year which I am so excited for salad and veggies straight from the garden. I then got invited out for a last-minute girl’s night out to the pub which of course I took the invite up. Daddy bear brought me this truly beautiful dress (I haven’t got a photo of me in it as I totally forgot) so I was very excited to wear it out for drinks with friends. Even though we were outside in the cold it was so worth it even though I’m feeling worse for wear today.

After our busy week and last night, we took today out to do absolutely nothing. We have watched TV, eat snacks, play and just spend family time together without any distractions. So I hope you had a good week and I will see you Wednesday x