Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. Time is flying by and this summer holiday is nearly over and I’ve barely had any time with Baby bear. So I’ve tried to fill our days with doing things together since he has been home.

So Monday Baby bear finally come home after spending nearly 3 weeks with Nanny and Grandad P. He has had the best time but I defiantly missed my little man. I spent the morning tidying the house and getting ready for Baby bear to come home. Once he was home, we headed to the seafront for a fish and chip dinner, a play in the park, and some fun in the arcades. My mum brought him home with J so I also got to spend a few days with them for my birthday before they head back to Essex.

My mum planned a surprise day out for me Tuesday, which was lovely and a complete surprise. We took a trip to Mablethorpe to a little pottery painting shop called Eastside Ceramics. It is such a lovely little place with a huge selection of different items for you to paint. Time flew by while we were in there and after 3 hours my beautiful camper van money box was finished. Baby bear also loved it and surprised me with how long he sat painting. We then grabbed a Greggs lunch before we picked Daddy bear up and headed into Skegness for a trip on the riverboats which was such a laugh before we had a go on the go-karts which Baby bear loved. Before we headed home we had a nice meal out and another go in the arcades.

Wednesday, my house was full of little people again, yay. Baby bear had a playdate with 2 friends from school and their brothers. As you know I love a full house and it was lovely to see Baby bear getting to spend time with his friends again after such a long time. I also got to have a catch-up with 2 friends before we had to say goodbye to Mum and J.

Thursday was a big day for Baby bear, he had to have a blood test for the first time and I have to say he handled it amazingly. He fussed more about the numbing cream than the actual blood test. I decided to make a bit of a morning of it with him so we took a bus ride into town, we got breakfast at our favorite cafe – Ninja Mitton Gaming Cafe (I would highly recommend it if you are in the area) before headed to his blood test appointment. We then headed home stopping past our friend’s house first to have a catch-up and drop L-R’s birthday present off. I have loved seeing so many of our friends this week I have defiantly missed it.

Friday, I was babysitting L however while we were on a book hunt walk we saw M, L-R, and R at the local market. We then brought L-R and R home with us while M was on her stall so they could play with Baby bear and L. Once they went home I then took Baby bear and L round to see our friend M with E-M and to meet her new baby A. He is the cutest little button ever and I loved having Baby cuddles while all the children played.

Saturday we started another renovation on the garden which is really getting there now. I also made the garden look pretty again and that was all that happened really.

However, Sunday was a busy day for us. We started off with breakfast and some games at our favorite cafe again Ninja Mitton before doing some shopping and heading home to wait for Daddy bear’s birthday present to be delivered. We then headed over to a friend’s house to celebrate his birthday which was nice.

It’s been a busy week with another busy week ahead of us but I’m excited to spend time with Baby bear before we go back to school and work in a couple of weeks. Hope you all had a good week too x