So as you may know Baby bear turned 4 last week and for his birthday he asked to go to ROARR!! Dinosaur Park. Due to everything going on with COVID the park is closed so I decided to bring the dinosaur park to him. If you saw one of my previous posts you would have seen what I was planning for his birthday. It turned out so much better than I could have imagined (Big-headed maybe but I’m proud of what I did for my baby). So here if my finished product, Baby bear loved it and had an amazing day playing in his very own dinosaur park.

The night before his birthday I set up our dinosaur park so it was ready for Baby bear to find in the morning. I did have to go back out shortly after and pick up all the dinosaurs as a bird decided he needed one of my baby dinosaurs more and flew off with it. But here is Baby bears Dinosaur park all set up:

There were 6 different Dinosaur pens with their own nameplates for each one. We had the Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus and the babies. I couldn’t find any pens I liked online so I decided to use some logs from our log store (perks to having an open fire in the living room) and blocks from building the garage to make the pens for each of the dinosaur groups.

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen I also made a couple of birthday banners. I put the ‘Welcome to Baby bears Dinosaur park’ one in the garage window. I then put his ‘happy 4th birthday’ one on the shed. I also put one of the ‘Don’t feed the dinosaur’ posters with each banner. Daddy bear and I also made some vines so I used them to decorate the back door leading to the garden and around his welcome banner.

Dinosaur park
dinosaur park

Just like at the dinosaur park, he had his climbing frame to play on, I also blew up his dinosaur hopper and set up some coins with it so he could pay to ride like the rides. He loved the idea of the dinosaur hopper he had lots of fun pretending to feed it a coin then jumping around for a while before saying it had run out of money.

I set up the dinosaur footprints leading from the living room door all the way through the hallway and the kitchen to the back door. Leading the way to Baby bears very own dinosaur park. I also set up a petting zoo in the living room with all his dinosaur teddies for us all to play with.

Next to Baby bear presents, I put his dinosaur park tickets ready for him to enter his park. I didn’t think he would be that interested in that part but he loved the fact he got a ticket and had to give them to Daddy bear to be able to get into his special birthday surprise.

dinosaur park

dinosaur park

He had the best day ever and loved every minute in playing in his very own dinosaur park. It wasn’t like anything we had planned but it was still perfect, our boy still had a huge smile on his face and enjoyed his special day. That’s all that matters really. The only regret I have is not taking many photos but at the same point, I enjoyed just playing and enjoying our time together as a family.