I love reading this type of blog so decided to write my own this year. I am also going to share what Baby bear, and Sweet bear got for Christmas in other posts so keep an eye out for them. I also want to preference that I’m not bragging or showing off in any way and I am truly lucky for all I received this year from Daddy bear and our family.

To start off with what Daddy bear brought me, he always spoils me and is very good at buying me gifts that I need or will find useful in daily life.

Alexa Show & Meross Plug.

I like to watch TV while pottering around in the Kitchen so daddy bear brought me an Alexa Show so I don’t have to use my phone anymore. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I can honestly say it is amazing, I watch tv on it, video call my family, and find recipes while doing everything that the Alexa dot I had previously can do. He brought the bundle linked above so I also received an Alexa Plug which I have plugged into my heated blanket on the bed so I can preheat the bed before I get in it.

Ugg Slippers.

Because I can’t feel my feet I find wearing hard bottoms slippers or shoes indoors helps prevent me from standing on something. My old slippers developed a hole in the bottoms towards the end of the year so Daddy bear treated me to some super cozy Ugg Slippers. They are so cozy and sturdy that I am obsessed with them.

Superdry Coat.

The last coat I got was when we moved into our home 5 years ago, it was a Trespass one and was so warm. However, over the years of wearing it and many washes, it was no longer waterproof so after getting very wet on a school run Daddy bear decided to treat me to an early Christmas present and buy me a new coat. Mine is a green Karky color and it is honestly the warmest thing ever.


Daddy bear also brought my a pair of gloves to go with my coat for the school run mainly as I can not longer put my hands in my pockets while walking. They are thicker than a normal pair of gloves so keep my hands warm and dry while its cold and wet outside.

I then received some lovely gifts from our friends and Family which included a few bottles of perfume, a necklace with both children’s names engraved with their birthstones, 2 sets of Gel varnishes, and a new stand for all my Gel varnishes. I was also gifted 2 cozy loungewear sets as well as a pair of Flyease Nike Trainers. I was also lucky enough to receive 2 of our yearly family calendars so I am able to put one in the house and one in the office which is super handy. Another couple of helpful gifts I received was a weekly desk organizer and a notebook. If you know me you will know I love a good book and my favorite author is Cathy Glass so I was lucky enough to also receive a couple of books to add to my collection.

If you know me you know I like a scarf in the winter so I was lucky enough to be gifted beautiful mixed tones of brown scarf from my grandparents. I also received a few joint presents with Daddy bear, we were given a scrapbook/photo book which we have decided to use for all our wedding photos and memory items. We were also lucky enough to receive National Trust passes for the 4 of us.

As you can see I was truely spoilt and very lucky this Christmas. I did get a few other little bits also that I havent named and I am truely thankful to everyone who brought me a gift. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas to and I’d love to hear about some of your favourite gifts.