So I have changed my mind and decided to plan Baby bear a Dinosaur Party. All year I have been so sure we weren’t throwing Baby bear a party. However, Baby bear kept asking for his friends to come for his birthday so I decided to throw him a small “playdate” for him. Which of course has turned into a full-blown party for 6 of Baby bears friends and him. So this is what I decided to put into Baby bears Dinosaur party bags.

I couldn’t find a lot of dinosaur things in shops so I ordered a lot of the themed things from Amazon. However, the other party bag fillers I picked up from Poundland (they have some really good party bag fillers).

For the Dinosaur themed fillers, I brought masks, sticker sheets and little figures (from Poundland).

dinosaur themed fillers.
Dinosaur themed gifts.

As you may know for his party last year I made sweet cones. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do that again so I ordered Dinosaur themed thank-you stickers. However, I decided to use them as name tags for each party bags.

name tags for the party bags.
Name tags for the party bags.

For the other toy fillers, I picked up from Poundland. I brought glow sticks, balloons, noise maker, bubbles and a man you can fling and he sticks to the wall.

toy party bag fillers.
Toy party bag fillers.

Of course, there has to be some form of sweet treat included so I got mini bags of Haribos.


I picked these party bags to use. I have also tied the name tags onto the handles with the masks as they didn’t fit into the bags. Which I think looks really cute.

Dinosaur party bags.
Dinosaur Party Bags.

As you can see I have made Baby bear a party bag aswell as I know he will enjoy receiving one with his friends. I wouldn’t normally do him one but as I had left over fillers I decided why not. I hope this has given you some useful ideas for what to include in your children’s party bags.

Keep an eye out for Baby bears Birthday party post coming soon.