I love reading this type of blog and seeing what everyone else’s children got for Christmas and it also helps out other parents trying to look for gift ideas for their little ones. I have also shared what I received and Baby bear received if you want to check them out for further gift ideas. I also what to prefer this and say I am in no way bragging or showing off, Sweet bear was very lucky for all she received this year from both us, family, and friends. I am also going to include what she received in both her Christmas eve box and Stocking as I didn’t share those separately this year.

Christmas Eve Box.

So as always, I included a new set of PJs which were family-matching ones this year, a new plate for her Christmas dinner, some chocolate, a new beaker, and some dummies (she doesn’t take them but wanted to try her with some). We also included a fidget toy, some new bottles, and a Christmas book. She also got some reindeer food.


In sweet Bear stocking Santa included her new dress for Christmas day, a tissue box sensory toy, a couple of new books, a sensory light-up ball, some bath toys, and some hair clips. We personally keep stockings small and lower value as we 1, want the children to know that we work hard for everything they get, and 2, I don’t want them talking to friends Santa got 1 child an Ipad and the other a book. It is obviously each to their own but that’s how we have always done it.

Sweet bear was very lucky in all the gifts she received and we were grateful for all everyone who brought her a gift. She got quite a few pieces of clothing and some Nike Trainers. She also received a beautiful sun catcher and personalized cutely She then received a lot of different toys which included:

A few other toys she received (I can’t find links for them) also include:

  • Books.
  • A Shape-Sorter Cook Pot.
  • Barbie.
  • Mini Musical Instruments.
  • Bag.
  • Playdough.
  • A wooden Rocking Horse.
  • Teddies.
  • A Duplo Set.

As you can see Sweet Bear was truly spoilt and very lucky this Christmas. She probably did get a few other little bits that I haven’t named as she received so much and we are truly thankful to everyone who brought her a gift. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas too.