I mentioned in my weekly check-in that we are having some concerns with Baby bear at the moment. We don’t know exactly what is going on yet as we are only at the beginning. I wasn’t going to share about it all yet but I’m struggling with it mentally if I’m being honest. No parent likes to know their child is struggling and having issues, but knowing there’s no quick fix or thing that stands out to have caused these problems.

So we have been noticing a change in Baby bear since May time at home. His behavior went downhill, getting him to do school work at home become nearly impossible, and we noticed him seeming to lose a little weight. We were just dealing with it and trying to figure out what was going on with him at home while we thought everything was okay at school. However, a couple of weeks ago his teacher pulled us aside at pickup and raised concerns over baby bear to us.

His teacher informed us that they were also having issues and concerns with Baby Bear’s concentration, listening, weight and they thought his sight. It hurt hearing that he was being hard work at school and struggling but it broke me when his teacher asked if everything is okay at home because Baby bear seems to have lost a sparkle. We had a chat about what her advice was moving forward and I explained what we were experiencing and what I have tried to help him and or figure out what’s going on. His teacher advised we got back in contact with the health visitor, book a hearing and an eye test to start off with to see if we can pinpoint what is going on.

So, of course, that’s the first thing I did, if I’m being honest the health visitor wasn’t very helpful and basically told me to contact my GP as they couldn’t do anything to help. They did however send a referral for a hearing test so that was 1 thing crossed off the list. I also hoped they could help give me some comfort in it most likely being nothing major and it wasn’t something we have done to cause this, but that wasn’t the case. So after that super helpful phone call, I then contacted our GP to see if they could help which they did. We were booked in with guess who… A health visitor for a height and weight check.

We basically were told what we already know really, Baby bear’s height and weight are both under what they should be for his age but the health visitor agreed with me that neither me nor dad are overly tall and he has always been a small child. He was a chunky-looking baby from around 6-9 months but he has never been a heavy child. I will admit I have been concerned Baby bear has lost some weight, we can see his ribs and spine more than we use to be able to but I have always struggled with my weight so I wasn’t overly worried about it. We also got given a blood form and urine pot for Baby bear to do for further testing to ensure he is healthy and there’s nothing going on we need to address.

We then had his eye test this weekend to see if there was an issue there. As I have said no parent wants to know there is something going on with their child but so far nothing has overly concerned us other than the school raising concerns with Baby bear. Anyway, we found out that Baby bear has a slight issue with his eyes, (his left more than his right). The ophthalmologist said that many children around Baby bears age have this issue as their eyes are going through some changes and many grow out of it. They would normally say let’s wait 6 months do another eye test and see what’s going on to whether they need glasses or not but because we are having issues and the school has raised concerns as well we are going to do glasses now. He assured us that if he is going to grow out of it he still will even with the glasses so we agreed to get him glasses and these are something he will have to wear fulltime.

This is all we know right now so I will keep you all updated as we find out more but if any of you have experienced anything like this I would love to hear how it went for you for some reassurance.