Growing up we always got new Pj’s on Christmas Eve ready to wake up Christmas morning with. So once Baby bear was born, I decided I wanted to continue that tradition. We did this for his first Christmas but for his second Christmas (our first in our family home) myself and Daddy bear decided we wanted to do a Christmas Eve box for him.

I had no idea what to include in one so I figured to just include everything he would be getting anyway. So it would be things like a new set of Pj’s, a book, some chocolate, a plate, and a small toy. We don’t want it to be anything over the top as we personally prefer a smaller Christmas from us.

So this year we have included:

  • 2 Christmas books. One that he received from Santa when he saw him and the other I brought from the £1 shop. Baby bear loves books and we read them every night before bed so this is important for me to add.
Christmas Books

Christmas Books.

  • New Christmas PJs. This is also another important item to add as it was always a tradition for me growing up. This year Nanny A brought Baby bear his PJs so they matched with his cousin B.
Christmas pjs

Christmas PJs.

  • This year I decided I didn’t want to dress Baby bear up I wanted him to be comfortable. I also wanted to dress him in something that I wouldn’t mind him getting messy. So I found this top in Primark which is Christmasy but also Dinosaurs which Baby bear loves. Mum win-win I thought…
Christmas Day Top

Christmas Day Top.

  • A Christmas Plate. I like to include a new plate for Baby bear to put for Santa on Christmas Eve then I use it for his Christmas dinner on Christmas day. It then becomes his main plate at home for the next year (using them everyday wears down the pattern so he is ready for a new one the next Christmas).
Christmas Eve Plate

Christmas Eve Plate.

  • Chocolate Coins. Baby bear’s favorite is chocolate coins lately so I decided to include a handful of mixed white and milk chocolate coins as a treat for him.
chocolate money

Chocolate Money.

  • Toys. This year we included a couple of different Christmas themed puzzles as he is starting to really enjoy doing them. We also included some Dinosaurs&dragons as Baby bear has become obsessed with them lately and hasn’t got any yet.
Christmas Puzzle

Christmas Puzzle.



This is his Christmas Eve Box all put together. I use a box we got from Ikea, I keep meaning to paint it and put his name on it but life always seems to take over (it will be done for next year… I said this last year).

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box.

Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram for photos of him opening his box and some photos of Christmas Day.