So here is my well awaited update on what’s next for us in our Secondary infertility journey. If you have been following for a while you will know that we have been under a fertility clinic for around 2 years. Since our ectopic pregnancy September 2019 we haven’t had a pregnancy. So after a re-referral for another fertility doctor and more testing we have come to our last test to try and find answers into why we have lost our last 4 babies and why we haven’t fallen pregnant in over a year now.

If you saw my post back in November you will know we received our results back which lead our fertility clinic to order for us to have a HyCoSy scan to check my remaining tube. I mentioned in that blog that we had a phone appointment with our fertility doctor to discuss my results, the scan and our steps moving forward. I’ve waited this long to give you an update for 2 reasons, 1. She didn’t tell us anything different from the results that we didn’t already know from our letter we received and 2. it has taken me a long time to get my head round what our next steps are looking like.

secondary infertility

This isn’t set in stone as we don’t know what the scan will show yet but going off all of our test results so far our fertility doctor strongly believes that my tube will be clear and we won’t be able to find any reasons for both the miscarriages and lack of pregnancies. Of course the thought of having no answers breaks my heart but her reply to our question of “what’s our options and next steps if there isn’t a blockage?” broke my heart even more…

She has said that if her predictions are correct this will be the end of our secondary infertility journey through the fertility clinic. She said our only option would be going down the IVF route. She then informed us that because we have Baby bear we wouldn’t be able to do any IVF on the NHS and would have to go private. Without our secondary infertility issues it takes on average 3 rounds of IVF before having a successful round and due to our complications we would be looking at closer to £10,000 a cycle. Which puts us in a tough position as we are desperate for another baby and to grow our family but £30,000 for a possibly successful pregnancy is a lot of money that we could spend on the child we do have.

One of the biggest things that upsets me and has through this whole journey is the fact it all effects Baby bear more than I first thought. He is always talking about our babies in the sky and every time I go to the hospital he asks if another baby is going to the sky like the others and if I’m sad again. And that breaks my heart that he now associates me going to the hospital with me miscarrying and being sad.

After all the rubbish my body put me through the last week I finally started my cycle so we have been able to finally book the HyCoSy scan to actually find out where we are in our secondary infertility journey. I’m hoping for the best and there being a blockage (sounds weird but it means there’s something we can do to help us) but I’m preparing myself for the news of no blockage and this being the end of this chapter in our story.

Once we have our appointment I will update you all on what we find… Heres to hoping right?!.