Well hello, it’s me I’m back after what has felt like forever. I’m sorry about that I really wasn’t planning on having any time off hence why I didn’t have anything ready to upload while I was away. However, things got a little more hectic than I had planned or thought they would. So here is an update on where I have been and what I’ve been up to since I last posted both on here and on my year of photos.

There have been some exciting things happen since my last post. We had my friend’s bridal shower which was a spa day and an overnight stay at Kenwick Park which was such a laugh and a good day. We enjoyed an afternoon tea with bubbly before our spa treatments that were lovely and very relaxing. We then got changed into our swimming costumes and headed down to the pool, hot tub, and spa facilities. However, this sadly went downhill in the evening starting with them not being able to offer any proper gluten-free choices on the menu despite half the bridal party being gluten-free and them providing the who wedding as gluten-free a week later (it was all booked under the bride’s name so they should have known). This meant we had to then drive around for an hour trying to find a restaurant that could seat the 6 of us and have gluten-free choices. After dinner, we then headed back to the lodge for some drinks and games to enjoy our night which we did until we were waiting for an ambulance after an incident happened because of an issue with the lodge. I was a little worried about the wedding after all of that, to be honest, but I must say it was a brilliant day.

In my last weekly check-in, I said we had our last dress fitting before our friend’s wedding however that wasn’t the case, we had to go back to the dress shop 4 days before the wedding to what should have been picking up the dresses after the final fitting however there was a big issue with our bridesmaid dresses. This meant we had to find a new pair of dresses that fit both of us that we could take home that day. Stressful doesn’t cut it but it was worth it the new dresses were lovely and worked amazing. We can’t thank or recommend Bridal Boutique in Hull they were truly amazing from start to finish.

Between this and the wedding, we also had my in-laws come up to visit us which was a fun few days. Once they arrived we spent the evening with some friends at their caravan and having dinner. The next day (the day before the wedding) we headed over to Springfields again of course at Baby bears request. We also took our friends over there with us which was great fun, it was lovely watching Baby bear play with our friend’s boys. I then had to head straight to my friend ready for the wedding.

The next day was of course my friend’s wedding, which as I have said was an amazing day and I was so honoured to be her Maid of Honour. It was such a relaxing morning before a brilliant day full of laughter, tears (a lot on my part) and love. Perfect. It sounds quiet doesn’t it but I can promise it wasn’t. It didn’t slow down from there either, the day after the wedding Baby bear left to go to Essex with Nanny for a holiday.

While Baby Bear has been away I had a bunch of work to catch up on which took me a good 4 days to do, I have also caught up on the housework, painted Baby bears bed and sorted his room out. We have also been to friends for a BBQ, rendered the garage, spent 4 days with my aunt and uncle at their new house. We also got to see the church we are getting married in and the wedding reception venue which are both dreamy and completely amazing. It made the wedding feel 100% more feel. During our weekend away with them, I also got to take 2 of my bridesmaids to look at some bridesmaid dresses to which we have chosen a design I just need to show my maid of honour and my other bridesmaid to see before finalising it with my amazing aunt who is also a dressmaker. I also had my first accident. It was nothing major just a popped tire but it scared the life out of me. Noone was hurt which was the most important thing just an expensive mistake.

We came home Tuesday which was also my birthday so after unpacking the car. I opened my cards and gifts before getting changed and ready to head out to a movie and dinner with Daddy bear. And so that’s the update over and you are now up to date with everything that’s been going on. I will now be back on track with my upload schedule and year of photos.