Even though Baby bear turned 2 in June, he had his 2-year check this week. When I got sent the appointment date, they also sent through a questionnaire for me to fill out based on what Baby bear is able to do.

24 month questionnaire

24 Month Questionnaire.

I think because I am with him every day I didn’t realize how much he could actually do until I started filling out the questionnaire. Its normal for him to do these things.

Anyway fast forward to our appointment, it wasn’t what I expected at all. Our appointment was at our local children’s center that I take Baby bear to groups at so I know the room. I was expecting there to be activities set out for Baby bear to complete, however, there was just a table and chairs set out for us to sit at and talk. There was also a height checker and scales but other than that there was nothing set out.

Me and Baby bear

Me and Baby Bear

As the health visitor went through the questionnaire making notes Baby bear played with the toys and I answered any questions she asked. Once she had finished I was then told how well he was doing in his development. This is something I always worry about, we have decided to keep him home with me until he turns 3 when he will start nursery a couple of days a week. Even though I take him to groups at the children center each week and we do a lot of different activities, I worry he isn’t developing exactly the way he is meant to.

To my utter delight, she informed me he was on track if not advanced in all his areas of development. I am so stinking proud of him. He is doing so well in his potty training, we have no accidents at home at all anymore (other than today – keep reading). His speech is getting clearer and clearer each day, as well as his understanding of words, is growing.


Baby bear

Baby bear with toy glasses.


The only thing she was as stumped as us on is Baby bear and brushing his teeth. He hates brushing his teeth. We have changed his toothbrush, the flavor of the toothpaste (children’s one), I’ve tried bribes and rewards but nothing is working, it is a fight every time I brush his teeth. I am having to pin him down and hold his hands with one hand and brush his teeth with my other while he is wriggling trying to get out and screaming. We have no idea how to stop him freaking out everytime we brush (twice daily). If anyone has any ideas please let me know I will try anything at this point.

Other than the teeth brushing issue, we are so proud of him and how well he is doing. She did his weight and height to check them. He is now 85inchs long and 25lb, which is small for his age, she said, but myself and Daddy bear aren’t very tall at all and I have a tiny frame so we aren’t worried about him at the moment.

Baby bear and Daddy bear

Baby bear with Daddy bear.

But Baby bear being Baby bear had to do something to lessen how proud I was of him. So he decided when we got home from our appointment he would take his clothes and nappy off as usual. However, today he decided because I was so proud of him, he would take a poop on my kitchen floor… Yep,  that’s right he pooed on my kitchen floor then come to show me so proud of him doing. I never thought when I become a Mumma bear that I would be picking a human poop off my kitchen floor while a toddler laughed at me gagging while clapping his hands.

I know you’re laughing it’s not funny… it was gross on every level…

I’m not going to lie I was a little less proud of him after that, but he is growing up to be an amazing little boy who teaches me something new and make me proud one way or another every day.

I’m proud to be him mumma, just not when he poops on my kitchen floor!.