Sweet Girl,

You’ve turned 1. We haven’t known about you for very long but we have wished and dreamed about you for a lifetime. I feel like I’ve been your Mumma your whole life. I will never forget the day we got the phone call about you, saw your sweet face for the first time, and accepted your file to read. It was a hugely emotional day but simply amazing.

We have seen you twice now and you have well and truly stolen our hearts, sweet girl. You have shown us how loving, funny, independent young lady just like your brother. Even though you aren’t blood-related there are so many similarities between you both we are seeing already. You have 2 of your front teeth and are sleeping through the night most nights. You still have a couple of bottles throughout the day which I must admit I like knowing I can still have sleepy bottle-feed cuddles.

You love cuddly toys and teddies, noisy toys and cameras. As soon as you see a phone you are there saying “cheese” which is the cutest thing but also makes it hard to get nice photos of you.

There’s so much we have missed but R and M have done amazing and we are truly grateful to them for looking after you while we found you. We are still getting to know you and them but so far we couldn’t ask for better people to be looking after, loving, and caring for our sweet girl until you can come home.

Sorry, this isn’t like Brother’s letters but I promise next years one will be better once we know more about you. However, we do know you are so loved already but not only us but your whole family.

Here is to an amazing year Baby girl.

Love You Lots,

Mumma x